our blended vision

Blended teamwork: What is it?

Blended Teamworks! like blended learning refers to a mixing of different learning environments – both face to face and virtual – in various work situations.

We need a better form of blended collaboration

Given the time pressure of individual team members, the need to reduce carbon emissions through less travel, and the high cost of mobility, the need for a better form of blended collaboration, i.e. the combination of face-to-face and virtual collaboration, is more evident than ever.

Breaking down barriers

A lot of people resist virtual tools for various reasons – they might think that they are not technologically adept and thus fear that they cannot master the tools or they might suspect that time for social interaction with team members might be reduced. Only a blended collaboration (including both, real AND virtual meetings) that is joyful and which brings clearly identifiable benefits will break down these barriers. Our aim then is to implement virtual tools into the daily work of dispersed project teams in a way that makes their work easier and more relaxed instead of making it more complicated.

We make blended communication an art

There are hundreds if not thousands of different tools that can support virtual collaboration, e.g. conference platforms, blogs, file sharing sites, collaboration suites, voice-over-IP solutions, wikis, social media platforms and many more. Each of those tools has its own strengths and weaknesses and each of them fits best for a specific application area. The art of effective blended communication is to apply a limited well chosen number of tools into the daily work of a project team that fit to the project’s specific requirements. However, besides choosing the right tools, it is even more important to learn how they can be used creatively and how they could be implemented so that everybody will use them in the end.

We make blended communication easy and engaging

Our vision is to train project teams on how to benefit from virtual communication by creating their own individual blended working approach and put it into practice in a way that makes their work life easier and more effective. Thus, in order to get all team members on board, the way for them to get there will be designed in an easy, playful and engaging manner.