Virtual Unconference “Innovation Cloud: Virtual Spaces for Creative Collaboration”

radical_realtime_websiteOn Saturday May 28 members of our project took part in organizing and sharing knowledge on virtual collaboration in a virtual unconference (a conference that is self-organized and emergent and takes place in virtual tools over the internet). Over 300 people from over 40 different countries were involved in this meeting, which took place both asynchronously and synchronously in Ning, Webex, Skype and Flowdock. Some of the topics that were discussed were: “Managing time and timing of innovation”, “Crowdsourcing and connecting people”, “ Office space and performance”, “Designing engaging spaces for virtual collaboration”, “Improving virtual collaboration – managing the motivations”, “From analogue to digital: the evolution of learning environments”. The experience of working together in a diverse group of people that share the same interest created strong connections. We are looking forward to seeing the next steps after the unconference. For more info see

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