November 2010 – First gardening team has started digging the ground

A wiki is such a wonderful tool if a team is planning to work collaboratively. However with the content getting more and more complex, a wiki page might become a complete mess. Weed is covering the ground jeopardizing the user-friendliness of the platform. Somebody has to take control, separating the important from the trash and giving the page a structure. But who should be this person in charge who would have to decide what is important and what is not? The Blended Teamwork team had previously decided to try a new collaborative concept which had been suggested by Juliane. The first gardening team – Juliane, Tanja & Jouke – met synchronically on skype and started cultivating the wiki ground. After finishing their work, the pioneers handed the sticks over to the next gardening team. Besides giving the project platform a user-friendly structure the concept of gardening turned out to be a very powerful teambuilding method as well.